The Farm Shop at Peterley has always been about celebrating food and producers; we aim to source the best quality products from small independents, and are particularly partial to sniffing out new and exciting products with a story. The new health balls made by Kitchen & Soul tick all the boxes and some.

Nadra Shah, a recently qualified chef and nutritionist, launched Kitchen & Soul from her home kitchen in Amersham earlier this year. Her “balls with soul” aim to promote positivity from the inside out, and contain a blend of natural and organic ingredients, which are naturally high in fibre as well as gluten free, vegan and refined-sugar free. Nadra uses the spices she grew up with in her recipes, drawing on the nourishing and healing properties found in spices such as turmeric, chilli and cardamon.

Nadra takes particular care to source the best quality ingredients for her soul balls. She uses predominately organic and raw products, preserving as much of the nutritional value as possible. The spices are also thoughtfully sourced, using the best quality Sri Lankan cinnamon, Peruvian chilli and Indian turmeric for example. As a qualified nutritionist, the nutritional value of every ball has been analysed to ensure they not only taste delicious, but are also nourishing and energising.

Whilst Kitchen & Soul has begun it’s story by launching a health ball, Nadra’s vision is to create something much more all encompassing. Her food journey began with a decision to look into nutrition more carefully back in 2012, after years of “low-fat” diets and convenience foods. Nadra says “my relationship with food changed and I began to educate myself about nutrition and listen to my body”.

Last year she took the brave move of stepping away from a successful career and retraining at Ballymaloe Cookery School before launching her brand. A passion for culture and community are at the heart of Kitchen & Soul and the balls are really just the beginning.

“My passion is bringing people together as I believe there is something magical about being united over shared passions and values.  Having a cause, feeling a sense of community and helping others to feel good about themselves is what it is all about. It is a Kitchen with Soul.”



We are delighted to stock the full range of Kitchen & Soul Energy Balls, which include the following flavours:

Tahini Surprise: Tahini, Macadamia, Date, Cinnamon

Chocolate Bomb: Cocoa, Date, Chia, Turmeric

Kick Start: Goji, Almonds, Maca, Chilli

Zest for Life: Coconut, Cashew, Orange, Cardamon

To find out more about Kitchen & Soul, visit the website

Kitchen & Soul: Happiness in a Ball

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